How To Network Like A Recruiter

If I invited you to a networking event, would you:

a) make up an excuse to not to go? Envisioning pushy hustlers pitching themselves at you and mashing their business cards into your hand?
b) Grab a stack of your business cards and get ready to mingle?

(Don't worry, these tips are equally as effective for virtual networking events!)

For most people, the answer will vary a bit from day to day. But, I think I can safely assume we all dread the “card pusher” who never takes no for an answer.

But, everyone in business can benefit from networking, especially if you are trying to hire.

I happen to love networking. I love meeting new people, making connections, and learning about the latest and greatest things. But, I realize that to many people networking can be something they dread. (I happen to be married to one of those people!)

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to grow your team is by learning how to network like a recruiter. Successful recruiters make a living by knowing who can do what and how to approach them about a new opportunity. It is MUCH easier than most people think.

I truly believe that this is a skill anyone can master.

Because I think learning how to start and move the conversation along with talented people can truly be a game-changer for small businesses I created a free training to teach you how to network like a recruiter.


How To Network Like A Recruiter



Set Your Intention. As with most things in life, your attitude determines your results. If you approach networking as a “necessary evil” it is unlikely you will ever be very successful at it. When you head out to a networking event, go with the intention to connect people. Connecting people is the number one way to build your social capital.

Set out to create connections with people. Don't try to talk to everyone. If you have identified key people you want to talk with, seek them out. Otherwise, mingle intentionally, seeking people who you can create a genuine connection with.

Be Curious. Curiosity is the key. By simply asking questions and listening to the answers you will learn everything you need to know.

Use Strategic Small Talk Strategic Small Talk is the “key” to undercover recruiting. By asking simple and common questions we can learn everything we need to know about a potential hire. You will find better hires, make better connections, learn more (and likely have more fun) if you spend networking events asking questions and listening to the answers.

Come on, take control of your recruiting!

Learn how to network like a recruiter and approach your next networking event with confidence and a plan!

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