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There are a million coaches out there willing to give you hiring advice. I’ve heard and seen in the market, time and time again, an emphasis from hiring coaches on how to effectively weed the wrong candidates out, but frankly, there’s a huge lack of teaching on how to get enough applicants IN.

Let’s start there. Have you ever felt like you’ve settled for less than what you’ve wanted when hiring just because it was the best option? Are you severely underwhelmed with the quantity of applicants responding to your open position?

Most companies aren't suffering from an overwhelming number of qualified and interested applicants and haven't had that problem for years, maybe even decades.  So, you should be used to having to try a bit harder than just posting a job and praying someone good applies.  So, if you’re hiring, you absolutely need to do the legwork to get in front of enough (and the right) people. At the end of the day, you’re not in a position where you have so many high quality candidates that you NEED to weed anyone out before we really do the work to get enough qualified and interested applicants that we can choose from 3-5 qualified candidates. 

It’s simple. More Eyes = More Applies.

The more people that SEE your job opening, the more applicants for your jobs you’ll have. And the more applicants that respond to your opening, the more qualified candidates you’ll have to choose from. I wouldn’t worry too much about weeding out the wrong candidates until you actually have enough to choose from.

There’s a psychology around getting in front of the right eyes, but before you worry solely about that, I challenge you to think about getting in front of enough eyes. Maybe you’ve posted on a local job board or Monster and hoped for the best. But it’s time to start considering social media platforms, like LinkedIn or even Facebook, in addition to Indeed. The more places you post, the more people that will see it and apply. (But I didn’t have to tell you that, did I?)

Think of it in this simple way:

  • We need to get in front of more eyes when sharing our current openings (posting on multiple platforms)
  • We need an easy way for applicants to apply and express interest (where are you leading them/how are you asking them to respond?)
  • We need to think about where your ideal hire is hanging out and where can we post? (what platforms are they more likely to see this job opening on)

Check out my video below for more info and some examples:

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