Building an Engaged Team (Behind the Scenes at Recruit Retain Rock)

Can I get a show of hands? Where are the entrepreneurs out there that feel like they’ve successfully grown a team they trust, can delegate and watch their employees perform with nothing short of excellence!

Is there anything better?

And for those of you who are sitting on your hands instead of throwing them in the air, here’s some observations from my own entrepreneurial journey.

When most entrepreneurs start out, they think “I can do it all”. The vision of their business often begins with a sole purpose in mind – to serve their customers with excellence. But their plates fill quickly with the responsibilities of selling, marketing, branding, client satisfaction – the list goes on and on. As they grow and evolve, there becomes a clearer discernment for the things they love to do, that lights them up, that fuels their soul, from the things that they don’t enjoy, want to do, or really even excel at – the things that prevent us entrepreneurs from what we sought out to do.

When you start to recognize these things – take it as a sign. It’s time to surround yourself with the team that will support you and your clients in doing the things you aren’t best suited to do. This is such a powerful moment in the entrepreneurial journey.

Okay, let’s be real – It’s not always walk a in the park to give up ownership or control of certain responsibilities within your business, but there are few things worth the effort of building the team you can trust and rely on and you know is as invested in your success as you could ever expect a team member to be. Oftentimes, early entrepreneurs hire and expect their team to immediately share the same investment to the business and drive that they have, but is it really fair? Not really – it’s not their business. It’s the responsibility of the business owner to make sure their employees feel appreciated, valued and excited (and clear) about the company’s values and mission. Only after these efforts are made, your team can recognize how their responsibilities are a piece of a bigger picture.

This is when the magic begins, when you can successfully delegate the not so sexy responsibilities you’ve inherited from being on a team of one, and put trust in an engaged and excited team to help you and your services level up.

Check out this video to hear more about trust in your team and for a glimpse into the team at Recruit Retain Rock.

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