Gratitude: 3 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation During the Holidays (and All Year Long!)

As the holidays roll around, the season of gratitude, giving and appreciation is in full swing. You’re spending more time with family, friends and loved ones – but as an employer, have you thought about how you’re showing gratitude to your employees?

If you’ve been wondering if you should be doing something this holiday season for your employees, the answer is yes. Take this as the sign you’ve been looking for.

There have rarely been times in our professional work history that we have needed to acknowledge the hard work our employees put into our business more than right now. The Great Resignation has fueled and empowered employees that don’t feel valued or heard in their work place to leave, so it’s necessary for employers to be conscious and intentional about recognizing and celebrating their efforts. And to be clear, it’s not something that should just be done this holiday season – it’s a practice that you should have in place all year long.

So, what exactly can you do for your employees to show that you’re grateful? Here are three simple steps that you can take right away to share gratitude to your employees:

  1. Catch them doing something right in the moment. This is the core of great management. Tell them – you see what they are doing, you value them and you want them to know!
  2. Praise them publicly. Catching employees doing something right weekly or even every daily is great, but most of us want to be appreciated and praised publicly as well. Call your employees out in team meetings or group emails and celebrate the great work they’ve done in front of others.
  3. Rewards. The options are endless – a bonus, a meat & cheese box, a weekend getaway with all expenses covered. Going the extra mile and giving a bonus or employee gift (big or small) will speak volumes.
Doing these three things combined will surely help show how grateful you are to your employees – but remember, it’s not something to think about exclusively around the holidays. Make sure that you are showing gratitude for your team all year long! 
For a fun and simple way to show appreciation, check out my free employee e-card templates to send to your employees!
Check out this video for more information and a story about how a friend of mine’s employer recently showed their employees gratitude in a mesmerizing way.

Did you find this helpful? I sure hope so!

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