3 Reasons To Create A Hiring Plan

As 2021 comes to a close, I bet you’ve taken some time to map out your business goals and objectives for the year (or at least the quarter) ahead, but how much time have you spent thinking about the team you need to get you there? Do you have your hiring plan in place for the upcoming year?

What is a hiring plan? A hiring plan (or recruiting plan) is created by looking at the business’ goals, objectives and turnover rate to determine what your company needs to hire in order to achieve growth goals and account for typical employee turnover.

It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll handle it when I get there”, but if we’ve learned anything about people challenges over the past year, we’ve learned that being able to strategically think ahead, grow your own, or recognize that you need to start looking for your next hire a lot sooner than you’re used to will help you execute quicker and achieve better results in your business.

In this video, I share 3 specific reasons why I encourage you to spend time thinking about a hiring plan:

  1. For any successful journey, you have to plan not just where you want to go, but how you’re going to get there (and who will be the necessary people to help you get there). If you don’t have a hiring plan, you’re a lot less likely to achieve your business goals and objectives.
  2. Hiring plans give you the information and opportunity to capitalize on a great person early. If the right person for a specific role comes around 6 months earlier than you expected to fill it, you can look at your plan and determine if it can be adjusted, and if so, what that means for your goals and your company. 
  3. Creating and executing your hiring plans allows you to develop internal employees. You’ll be able to invest in current employees and get their skills up to speed to fill a higher role. This gives you time to develop them and vet out if they are the best fit for the role.

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