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Employee Recognition: A Simple Way to Succeed at Recruiting and Retention

So, you want to build a high performing team, but are your current employees engaged or sticking around long enough to help take the business to the next level?

Outside of finances, employees’ wants are simple: they want to be seen, heard and valued. One of the simplest (and my favorite) ways to accomplish this is giving them some recognition.

Employee Retention Starts During Recruitment

Let’s get serious, retention starts in the recruitment stage and is successful when employees feel that the promises of what the experience of being on your team is like remains true. When employees are engaged, challenged and rewarded, they are more likely to stick around (in fact, employees that check off those three boxes are nearly impossible to recruit for a different position. They are happy and so they want to stick around.)

You want to be viewed in the market (and in comparison to your competitors) as an employer who doesn’t take their employees for granted, but sees their hard work and appreciates and showcases it.

Two Simple Steps to Practice Employee Recognition

  1. Catch your employees doing something right! Look for ways to find your employees exceeding expectations. Then acknowledge it to them. This may look like a thank you, a “great job!” or just simply acknowledging that you recognize their hard work and effort. 
  2. Showcase their work! Praise publicly! Take this a step beyond what you usually do – yes, it’s great to mention and affirm at team meetings or morning huddles, but it is so powerful (and simple) to bring this praise to social media. Share their effort and outcome on a company page. Not only does this help engage and retain current employees, but shares your employee’s value to potential or future applicants in the market.

To hear more about why these two simple steps help boost not only retention & engagement with current employees, but also help strengthen applicant attraction, check out this quick video:

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