Level up your recruiting game. Learn the difference between attracting vs recruiting the right people.

Have you ever posted a job ad and crossed your fingers, hoping that this time you’ll be met with a flood of the right applicants responding? Has recruiting ever felt a little bit like posting & praying? Or wishing and waiting?

If so, I’m here to share a game changing secret with you.

There’s a difference between attraction and recruiting. I talk a lot about attraction based recruiting- we need to try harder, think about what’s in it for the applicant or candidate, think about our ideal hire profile and use language that engages the right people. We need to be intentional about posting in the right places online – on the right social media platforms, on the right job boards. We want to make sure that what we put out online inspires applicants to come back to you.

Sounds a lot like marketing, doesn’t it? Attraction in the realm of recruiting and hiring is the same as marketing. We need a clear message so that we get enough eyes in the market and the right people see it and take action by responding to us.

Attraction is the first level of recruiting. Most people think that recruiting is just posting a job ad, (which quite frankly makes me die a little inside as a long time recruiter), but hope on it’s own isn’t a strategy.

I often say that attraction = marketing, and recruiting = sales. There’s a line in the sand where we move beyond just marketing to actively target and seek out our ideal hire. This is where recruiting truly begins. We need to actively seek out the right people – find people with the right experience that you want to engage with. They may tell you “no” or “not right now” and in reality, this experience is likely very similar to what your sales team does and hears from prospective clients or consumers.

You know what’s really great about recruiting? Less people do it. Headhunters, professionals in talent acquisition, forward thinking leaders, and those wired to control their destiny lean towards recruiting, while the majority of employers wait for applicants to find them. In recruiting, we’re taking control and doing harder things. Posting your job online is about the easiest thing you can do to hire. So what happens when you do harder things? There’s less competition and although it takes more work and time to go out and look through a resume database or LinkedIn, recruiting opens doors to candidates that aren’t actively searching for another role or currently in another interview process. This makes it worth it.

To sum it up and be successful with hiring your ideal candidate, you need to consider both attraction (marketing your open position) and recruiting (selling the opportunity).They are two sides of the same coin in the world of hiring and together will help you fill the critical and urgent roles that you can’t afford to make the wrong hire on.

Facing challenges with both marketing and selling your opportunity to your ideal hire? My team and I are here to help you solve them.

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