The Best Phone Interview Questions

By now I'm sure I've convinced you that phone interviews are the way to go.
After all, I've written about it a number of times. Like the post Why I Recommend a Phone Interview, and this post where I share What To Cover In A Phone Interview, and of course in my Done-For-You, Copy-And-Paste Interview Process.

So, today we are going to dig into phone interview questions. Because, without questions, it is unlikely you are going have much of an interview at all!

Ready to learn what the best phone interview questions are? If so, click play on the video below!

The Best Phone Interview Questions

The best phone interview questions address the question “Can They Do The Job?”

They should be functional in nature. You can learn more about functional interview questions here.  But, basically that means they should help you determine if the person will be able to do the tasks required of the position.

So, use the phone interview to cover your deal breakers and the functional requirements of the position. Use your in person or face-to-face interviews to cover cultural fit.

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