How To Fire Someone (In A Way That Doesn’t Suck!)

Let’s talk about the things we all dread. That’s a fun way to start a blog post, right?

Taking tests we’re not prepared for.
Tax season.
Awkward holiday conversations with Weird Cousin Dana.
Firing people.

Now, there’s nothing I can do about Weird Cousin Dana’s proclivity to discuss conspiracy theories but I can tell you how to fire someone in a way that sucks less.

As an HR Manager who hired hundreds of people and as an Entrepreneur who’s hired for positions within my own companies, I’ve had to do my fair share of firing. And while it will never, ever be fun, it is possible to make it suck less!

How To Fire Someone (In A Way That Sucks Less!)

What? How?

By reframing how you view firing.

Consider, for a moment, how the employee in question probably feels about their work. Imagine the self-doubt when they hand in something they know isn’t quite right (but they’re not sure how to make it better.) Imagine how awkward they feel in the lunchroom – when everyone else is laughing + joking and they’re the odd one out. Imagine the headaches and poor sleep and Sunday Night Blues they struggle with every week.

No one (no one!) deserves that.

Everyone deserves a job where they can thrive and succeed.
Every company deserves employees who are excited and engaged.

I hope you rarely need to fire someone, but the reality of building an amazing team & leading a growing business is that some people just won’t work out.

I want to help you reframe the way you fire.

It’ll never be fun, but we can make it suck a lot less, I promise!

Learning how to fire someone without losing (that much) sleep over it, is a worthwhile use of your time. Sometimes the decision to terminate is obvious and easy. But, in many cases it, isn’t quite as clear and we can find many reasons it is our fault they haven’t had the success we expected.

Firing someone is never easy. But I’ve found that I rarely regret firing someone once it is done.

If you already know you have someone you should probably be terminating, but you are feeling stuck about how to go about it, you should check out the Recruit Retain Rock Society . It's packed with how to's, conversation starters, and templates.

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