When And How To Use A Video Interview

You’ve already heard how much I love phone interviews. Now, I want to talk about when and how to use video interviewing in your hiring process. Most people use video interviews when they are considering a remote applicant. Conducting a video interview will save you time and money. Check out this video to learn more about how a video interview saved one of my clients thousands of dollars and days of her time. Plus get some tips on how you can use video interviews.  

When and How to Use a Video Interview:

Conducting a video interview can save you time and money. If you have a remote applicant you're considering, then doing a video interview is a good step before having somebody travel all the way to meet in person.  


  I was flattered to be included by Jobvite in this panel of hiring experts talking about “The Benefits of Video Interviewing”. Click on the link to read more insights about the benefits of a video interview! You can also check out this blog to see why I love Skype interviews. You know what Zig says about motivation – right? Like bathing, he recommends it daily. If you need some daily hiring motivation, check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for daily tips on how to find and hire great employees!



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