How To Write A Great Job Ad

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If you were to ask 100 people how they get the word out about their job openings approximately 99 would say they use job postings or classified ads. Job boards and job postings are used almost universally by companies that need to hire.

Job postings can be a powerful tool in your hiring arsenal, but only if they are done right.

The biggest mistake people make is using a job description as their job ad.

Sure, it's quick and easy to copy and paste your job description into the job posting, but job postings are expensive (especially when you don't get many qualified applicants!). At hundreds of dollars per posting, it makes sense to get the most value from your investment by taking the time to craft a compelling job ad that gets results.

The goal of a job description is to give a solid overview of the position, set expectations and legally protect the company. Job descriptions definitely serve an important purpose in the hiring process (and you can learn how to write a great one here) – but they are usually highly ineffective as job ads (because most of them are B-O-R-I-N-G!).

A well-written job ad is more like marketing copy than a job description.

It is based on the job description but is written with the goal of attracting the right people to read it and inspire them to apply to your opening.

A well written job ad includes:


A Tell and Sell About The Company

Tell them about your company. This is a brief company bio. If you want to work smart, you can probably pull it from your marketing copy!

  • i.e. XYZ Company is a socially responsible, lifestyle focused web design firm

Sell them on it. This is where you share why your company/organization is a great place to work.

  • Phrases like “we are privately held, offer a family friendly environment, and foster a culture of success”
  • “We have won numerous awards for our work/work environment” are a few great ones to include (as long as they’re true!)

Pro Tip: If you are feeling stuck, you can always ask yourself and other employees what they love about working at your organization.

A Tell and Sell About The Opportunity

Tell them what you are looking for – the “we are seeking” statement. This is where you describe your ideal hire's attributes + experience. i.e – “an outgoing, achievement oriented sales person”

  • Past success with _________
  • Experience working with ________
  • List any certifications, licenses, etc. needed or preferred.

Pro tip: Use bullets! Bullets are quick, concise, and effective. They also increase the likelihood that the applicants will actually read it – which has a wonderful side effect of decreasing the level of completely unqualified people applying.

Sell them on the opportunity (basically lay out why they want this opportunity)

  • What opportunities will the new hire have?
  • What perks will they be eligible for?
  • List the great things about working for your company and this role specifically


In this case, the call to action is pretty obvious. We want them to send a resume in! Just make sure it is easy for people to apply.

My little soapbox moment: Make it easy for people to apply. When you make them re-enter all the info on their resume, you lose a large percentage of people. Actually go through your process and see how long it takes to apply.

You need a very compelling job if it’s more than 3 minutes. You’re much more likely to lose the semi-passive candidate you really want then the active “desperate” candidate if your process is too arduous. So, if you are telling yourself that you are just weeding out the weak applicants – you are fooling yourself and risking great candidates in the process.

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