The Skype Interview: A Free Tool That Saves You Time And Money

There are two things people almost universally wish they had more of: Time and Money. Sadly, I have not yet perfected my time machine, nor my money tree, but don’t worry, my quest will continue! Considering the average cost to hire a new employee is $4000, with ranges from $2000 for blue collar workers up to $7000 for managerial positions, most businesses would like to learn about easy ways to save money on the hiring process. So, until I perfect my time machine + money tree and share my genius with the world, I will give you another way to save time and money – the Skype Interview. Skype interviews can save you an enormous amount of time, energy, and money. With the average cost of hiring a new employee at $4000, opting for a video interview, rather than in-person (at least in the initial stages), is a great way keep your hiring process efficient.  

Learn more about why I love Skype interviews here:

Skype is inexpensive and often entirely FREE to use for video interviews. It is easy to use. When a software is the “go to” choice of Grandparents who are far away from their Grandchildren – you know they have nailed the “easy to use” aspect of video calls. I strongly suggest that every hiring process start with a phone interview and then move to a face to face interview. But, sometimes an in-person interview simply isn’t feasible. Maybe the candidate is being interviewed for your first sales position on the East Coast and you are based in California. Maybe the candidate is relocating to your town, but they aren’t moving for another 3 weeks and live 6 hours away. Sometimes it is the Manager’s schedule that is the issue. They aren’t scheduled to visit that location for another 3 weeks, and you know that time kills deals. Anytime you need to get the additional insight a face to face interview provides, but actually sitting down in the same room seems very challenging you should use a Skype Interview. Not sure about using a Video Interview? Check out what this panel of Hiring Experts (including yours truly) had to say over on Jobvite’s blog.


By asking candidates to do a Skype Interview you are also getting insight into how tech savvy they are and insight into their ability to problem solve. Now, most people have a Skype account or can easily create one. So, if your candidate calls you numerous times to get help getting it set up…it is not a good sign. Ugh, did that just make you think you don’t have the energy to train someone on how to set up a Skype account? Good news, I did the work for you! Click Here to get a step-by-step guide to creating a Skype Account you can share with your candidates (or your less techy co-workers).

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