Use Facebook To Recruit Employees

Have a Facebook account? Great! It may help you recruit the right person. There are over 1.35 billion registered users on Facebook right now. That’s 1/7 of the total world population today! Almost 74% of internet users use Facebook on a daily basis. 57% have more than a hundred Facebook friends. It can definitely be used as a powerful recruitment tool.

Need to know how you can recruit on Facebook? Here we go:

1. Create a Facebook Page, not a Profile.


Facebook Page for Recruiting

A Facebook page is for business accounts or public personalities. It’s mainly used by brands to establish both an online presence and a more humane side to their business. Most businesses use their Facebook page to market to their customer base.

This is a great use, but you can also use it to connect with potential future employees. Or to ask for employee referrals from your followers. Of course, you can also use it to post job ads as well.

The ones who are likely to see it and apply are people who have already “liked” your page—which means they’re actually interested in you. Their interest in your company alone makes it likely that they’ll be more interested than a random applicant who heard about you from a classified ad.

Also, don’t forget to update your company’s “About” page. Highlight what your company does and stands for besides the business. Emphasize that it is a great place to work. To avoid a boring company profile, share fresh and interesting information in your profile to attract your audience.

2. Set up a Facebook Ad, similar to Google AdWords.


recruiting with Facebook ads

The one advantage Facebook has over similar sponsored ads online is that it can target a specific audience based on much more tailored demographics. You can choose the age range, gender, region, as well as other criteria relevant to your job search. To see how to set up Facebook ads, click here.

3. Facebook Marketplace allows you to post jobs for FREE!


Post Jobs on Facebook

Imagine free ads on the on one of the biggest platforms on earth! All you have to do is list the position, job category, location, and other information.

The difference between this option and a Facebook Ad is that you can’t tailor it to any certain demographic. Again, much like posting on classified ads, this kind of searching generally wouldn’t deliver targeted results. But, sometimes the right person is looking at the right time and you get a winner. Just making sure that you have a constant social communication for it will help build your brand perception. For details on free job postings on Facebook, click here.

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