How To Know If You Have Outpaced Your Perfect Team

How To Know If You Have Outpaced Your Perfect Team

As an entrepreneur, I have spent a lot of time building and fine tuning my team.

Once you have your dream team built, it is difficult to think about it changing. However, depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, your needs and the demands of your business dictate changes to the people who support your dream.

When your business is growing, you might need to grow your team to support it.  If your business contracts, you may need to reduce your staff and get more lean.

Possibly, you'll realize you no longer want to manage as many people, your staff may grow beyond your business or just stop producing the way they were previously.

Whatever the case, your team will evolve as you do and that is perfectly OK.


How To Know If You Have Outpaced Your Perfect Team

Today, I’m going to talk about your entrepreneurial evolution.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for just about 13 years, and it has been the craziest ride of my life. Through that time, I’ve had really good ups and really bad downs and good ups and good downs, and it’s the roller-coaster of life, particularly being a business owner.

In that time, I want you to know that your dream team is going to change. It’s going to look different depending on where you’re at in your journey. It might start out being a really small core group of people, and then it might grow rapidly to be a whole bunch of employees, or you might have realized, “I don’t want to have a bunch of employees; I want to have a team of freelancers or contractors” or whatever, and as you go through your business, your team will change.

That’s okay; it doesn’t need to look the same in year 3 as it does in 13, and it doesn’t always have to get bigger. 

One of the coolest things about owning your own business is that you can craft a team that supports where you’re at in your life right now.

When I started my first business, I was married but we didn’t have any kids, and I could work all the time. I hired people like that, and I really didn’t get the kid thing to be totally honest. We worked all the time, and it was fun. We worked hard, we played hard. We hit happy hour! It was awesome.

With my second business, I was a little bit more of a Lone Ranger, then I became a mom, and that changed everything. Suddenly, I needed to be available if somebody was sick or different things like that. So my needs for my team and for my business shifted a little bit because they were little peanuts, right?

Later, I wanted to move to Mexico. That required a shift in my team too. Now I’m coming back, and I’m launching a different business which requires a different team, too.

I want you to know that your team is not a constant.

It is similar to a business plan; it’s a moving, growing, living beast – and it needs to adapt for where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re a rookie who’s just getting started or if you’re an “Old hat, been there, done that a hundred times” kind of person, you need a different team.

I just want you to embrace it, and that also means that you might have some people who are part of your early core team and they don’t fit in the next version. You wish they would because you love them, but they just don’t fit.

You know what? Sometimes you need to let people go who were great before and aren’t any more.

If you’re stuck on this, you can check out my post on Reframing Firing. It will help you flip your script in how you’re looking at that, because we don’t want someone in a job that they’re not successful at because that’s miserable. You spend way too much time at work to do something you’re not great at at work.

I hope this helps!

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